Successful leaders, like Churchill, speak with clarity of purpose to describe the vision.
How managers can use Churchill's example of a politician acting for the god of the country, not the party.
How managers today can use Churchill's leadership style of belief in himself and his abilities
How managers can embrace Churchill's need for information from all parts of the government.
How today's managers can learn from Churchill and not accept defeat in their heart.
Great leaders maintain an even disposition. How managers can learn from Churchill.
How managers today can use Churchill's habit of a structured routine to improve their effectiveness.
Great leaders surround themselves with a staff that is strong, smart and loyal.
How today's managers can learn from Churchill the power of a strong organization and staff
Complicated global supply chain networks allow international trade to occur, including sourcing, assembling and selling products around the world.
The goal of the supply chain is to ensure that the business it supports fulfills its prime directive: to make more money, now and tomorrow.
The goals of supply management: to improve organizational knowledge and effectiveness, to increase operating cash generated now and in the future.
What is a sufficient supply chain goal? It includes external links upward to suppliers and downward to customers with collaboration between links.

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