Corporate and Strategic Supply Chain Strategy, Planning and Analysis

Our principals served a number of clients and employers in the realm of supply chain strategy planning projects.  Their leadership roles focused on the analysis, evaluation, planning, and implementation of a variety of global and domestics supply chain programs over several decades.

In a sample of hundreds of projects, our principals:

      • Defined, developed and executed the analysis of different complex supply chain networks for a global apparel maker.  The project evaluated over 40 different network configurations of a 100+ plant operation. 
      • Developed strategic plans for rapid deployment of distribution operations and personnel to support the tactical expansion of various defense scenarios.
      • Developed a network of lumber reload facilities supporting a $2.5 billion revenue retail home center operation.
      • Performed more than 200 distribution center location analysis projects, focused on the optimal location of facilities and the identification of different real estate options.
      • Over 30+ years, developed thousands of different detailed supply chains.  Planned, defined, and mapped new supply chains.  Examined, mapped and modified existing supply chains.
      • Developed a complex freight management program that leveraged unused capacity in an existing dedicated truckload network.  Identified pre-paid suppliers for conversion to collect freight terms and executed the conversion.  Developed a multi-hub pool consolidation program serving a five-DC network that lowered overall freight expenses by $4 million in the first year, 7 million in the second year, and enhanced gross margins by over $6 million annual.
      • Worked with a software developer to implement a route optimization system based on hybrid genetic algorithms in the planning and execution of daily routes for a 250+ tractor fleet operation.  Reduced operating costs by over $5 million per year.  Increased on-time performance from 82%to 96%.  Improved trailer utilization from 56% to 85%.  

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