mumu.jpgThere's an old joke in the apparel business: 

"The only garment where one size fits all is the Mumu."

Yes, they are comfortable, but not stylish.  Would you be caught dead in a mumu?  Why would you let any advisor use the same approach for the design of your supply chain?

Supply chains are not all alike.  They may be similar, but each will be unique in many ways.  While you can sometimes apply the same strategies, tactics and operations to different supply chains, the outcomes will always vary.

Simply put, we help our clients develop the right supply chain and logistics programs for the client’s business.  We do not fit the client to some existing plan, nor do we take a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to supply chain.

We make sure the client gets a supply chain that fits their needs, now, and in the future.

Our solutions, whether a network design, a distribution center, or a transportation program, will fit the way the client operates, and be flexible to allow for changes in the way the client grows, and how the market changes.  Our solutions are tailored for each client, and never look like a housedress on a cow.

This Website is our educational contribution to the logistics and supply chain.  Started in 2011 as a simple blog site,  WATP continues to evolve into the premier source for individuals looking for practitioner to practitioner knowledge and advice.  Our simple goal is to improve leadership, professionalism, thinking and execution in any supply chain.  Since 2011 we have welcomed successful practitioners to contribute their first-hand experiences and thinking to our body of knowledge.



We Are




Our approach to supply chain management and distribution design is different from many supply chain/material-handling consultants.  As a team of practitioners in supply chain, logistics, distribution and material handling, we take a holistic approach to design...  


A consultant can work with the client in three different forms of relationship: in an expert role, a pair–of–hands role, or a collaborative role.  The choice depends on individual differences in management style, the nature of the task, the consultant’s preference, and the client’s preference.








I started this practice in January 2008, but the seeds of the practice began earlier.  I started to get calls from other logistics and supply chain practitioners while still working as Director of Logistics at Pep Boys Auto.  With 25 years of developing, managing, and leading strategic logistics projects...




How We




In our experience, the most successful projects have involved a hybrid blending of all three kinds of consultant roles:  expert, pair-of-hands and collaborative.  Still, these highly successful projects were predominantly collaborative in nature. 




Our Code
of Ethics




We will:

  • - Place the interests of clients and prospective clients ahead of our own.
    - Hold as confidential all information about a client obtained in the course of a professional assignment, and release only when permitted.
    - Avoid conflicts of interest...

  •

Projects & Case Studies

We work with a wide variety of clients that all share a common thread; inventory.  Our clients buy inventory, create inventory, store inventory, distribute inventory or deliver inventory.  We work with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, 3rd Party Logistics Providers and carriers.  The following Case Studies and Project Descriptions highlight the different ways we serve our clients.  

The Show Must Go On!

VER – an A/V equipment rental company – needed to rationalize its logistics network.  VER stocked the latest and most popular equipment in the market, which created high demand ....             Read More

VER-supplied-Tom Petty Stage.jpg

Outsourcing My Job

A $150 million consumer products company lived through multiple equity events since its founding. The private equity group (PEG) in the latest leveraged purchase successfully moved  ....   Read More


The Merchant Genius

The owner/CEO wanted to take advantage of an opportunity.  To him, a downturn was always an opportunity.  Downturns put new products “on sale” to sell, pressured retailers to close ...      Read More


Scope of Experience 

As the projects and case studies above illustrate, we work from a broad scope of experience in the Supply Chain field.

Corporate and Strategic Supply Chain Strategy, Planning and Analysis

Our principals served a number of clients and employers in the realm of supply chain strategy planning projects.  Their leadership roles focused on the analysis, evaluation, planning, and implementation of a variety of global and domestics supply chain programs over several decades.

In a sample of hundreds of projects, our principals:  Read More...

Distribution Center Design and Construction

The full scope of our experience in the design and construction of distribution centers spans 30 years.  The size and scope of projects covers a broad range of facility size, complexity and scope. Durng his career, our founder served in a key capacity in the development of over 50 distribution centers, and as Program Manager on over 25 projects.


Distribution Center Operations and Optimization

During their careers, our principals have played key roles  in distribution center operations. Throughout their experience, they have practiced the discipline of continuous improvement, seeking to enhance the productivity and effect of distribution operations. Their approach blends practical and simple process development with a strong drive to optimize performance.



Most of our clients are small to medium-sized businesses located in North America.  Our practice provides coaching, advisory and material handling consulting to companies involved in Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Consumer Products, Food & Beverages, and Transportation Services.  We serve some of the largest retailers, e-Commerce, CPG and manufacturers.  We provide advisory services to Family Offices, Private Equity Groups, and Investment Funds.  Below is a short list of the companies we have worked with in the past decade.

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