We Are Practitioners

Our approach to supply chain management and distribution design is different from many supply chain/material handling consultants. As a team of practitioners in supply chain, logistics, distribution and material handling, we take a holistic approach to design with a strong focus on defined outcomes.

“We Are Practitioners” carries specific meaning and power. As facility managers, general managers and executive officers, we operated major distribution centers. We operated domestic and global supply chain and logistics networks as operations managers and executive managers. We designed global logistics networks based on the needs and abilities of the different links of the supply chain. Our experience in the different facets of supply chain management, with actual operations backgrounds in a wide variety of distribution operations, delivers greater value to our clients.

We focus on defined and desired outcomes by working closely with the client to understand the current needs, goals and desires – in some cases, the client’s dreams. Our team considers the design of a facility as part of a network that works with other components, looking at the internal design of the facility with a focus on developing better integration with the external components of the client’s total network. Working as a collaborative team with our clients, we design clean, robust, flexible, and durable operations; designs that deliver optimum internal and external productivity.

As practitioners, we believe that your supply chain network and distribution center design should be practical, innovative and flexible to the changing needs of the customers you serve.

Practical:  Your supply chain should be easy to manage and deliver maximum value. While it may be complex, it should not be complicated. It should be easy to understand, follow, and manage. Your distribution center should be easy to operate and maintain; the systems durable and dependable. The DC layout, equipment and building should make intuitive sense to the people working in the DC. All of the parts should work together as a whole, creating a productive operation. Hire us and you will have a practical supply chain and practical distribution centers.

Innovative:  Your supply chain and distribution operations should include state-of-the-art, productive, and accurate systems and processes. We design for what is state-of-the-art today and incorporate features and functions that allow for easy implementation of systems and equipment improvements in the known future. All of these innovations should lower the cost of operations and assure the ability of the supply chain and facility to fulfill the mission reliably.  Hire us and we will design supply chains that will be innovative now and in the future.

Flexible:  Your supply chain operations should be flexible to absorb the changing needs of your customers, and able to support a wide variety of merchandise and the changes of supply chain management. Wide swings in inventory levels, product profiles, and delivery territories all can create trouble for the supply chain that is not flexible in design. Hire us and you will have a flexible supply chain built on flexible distribution center designs.

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