The Trouble With Teams

by Mike Starling

Ever been a part of a true winning team? Remember how good it feels? Could you describe the feeling to your friend, neighbor, or peer? What qualities did the individuals on the team bring to bear to help make this happen? What were the qualities of the leaders who coached the team to success?

Consider these qualities of a winning team:
1. True sense of dedication to the mission.
2. Individual commitment to executing their assigned tasks.
3. True demonstration of selflessness on the part of all team members.
4. Understanding that team success superseded the need for personal success.

Conversely, what tends to undermine team effort, leading to sub-optimization of both individual performance and team achievement?
1. Micro-management is the worst offender!
2. Dictatorial leadership stifles creativity and initiative.
3. Instilling doubt in an individual team member’s mind about their capability to execute an assigned task is unforgivable.
4. Intentionally or unintentionally creating a perception of mistrust on the part of the leader in the abilities of any individual team member often leads to team implosion!

Successful leaders understand and demonstrate:
⦁    the message must be consistent.
⦁    trust is a two-way street.
⦁    trust is earned, never given!
⦁    loyalty is also a two way street!
⦁    loyalty is also earned, never given!
How many leaders do not understand the above about trust and loyalty?

A good leader’s message is always consistent. Good leaders choose good team members.
– but –
⦁    Successful teams have team members who adopt their leaders.
⦁    Doubt corrodes and undermines team effort.
⦁    Doubt undermines team synergy, even when the team leader has the best of intentions.
⦁    Winning teams are characterized by their solid and selfless commitment to the mission.

Even if the intention is noble, if the team is compromised, the results will be flawed. Execution will be sub-optimal, and morale will be destroyed, to the detriment of the mission.

Bottom line:  in for a penny, in for a pound.

Inconsistent messages, unpredictable and changing expectations, and perceived lack of trust are the quicksand that cause good intentions to be lost in the recycle bin of history and cause winning teams to fail.

Food for thought:
⦁    Leaders, choose your team members carefully.
⦁    Team members, be very selective about whom you place your unwavering trust in!
⦁    Your survival and success depend upon it!

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