Projects Create Case Studies

There is a difference between a project story and a case study. 

The Case Study is short, to the point, and in less than 5 minutes tell you the Problem, Solution and Results. 

The Project Story is more.  We use stories to illustrate the journey of the projects we worked.  We go into more detail, with drawings and photographs to illustrate the work. 

Case Studies

When you specialize in difficult and complex problems for as long as I have, you end up with a long list of lessons learned, both defeat and victory.  The best solutions are the small ones that are all over a physical operation.  The small solutions don't make a lot of change on their own, but when there are a lot of them, big changes to the good happen.

As some of my cohorts that I partner with on large projects agree, there is money lying on the floor of most manufacturing and distribution operations.  A few thousand over here, a few more over there, and before long you have a nice sized return.   For some clients, we find enough wasted money in their operations to cover the investment needed to make bigger changes. 

Read our case studies to find ideas you could execute in your operations.  Taking on an incremental improvement project each quarter will create positive cashflow for the small business, and enhanced promotion for the corporate manager.   

Case Studies

Project Stories

What is a Project?  It is an enterprise - a significant effort - to achieve a  particular goal.  Projects can be individual, but most projects are collaborative.  

The best projects are collaborative.

We work closely with our clients in collaborative enterprise, carefully designing, planning, and executing projects to achieve our client's desired outcomes.  Projects contain stories of challenge, risk, work, conflict, failure, and victory.  

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