Are You Barking Up the Wrong Supply Chain Tree?

Are you barking up the tree while the squirrel is hiding on the other side?  Getting lost in the forest of ideas and solutions? 

Face it, our jobs are not simple. We come to CSCMP for new ideas, looking for tips and tricks we can learn from our peers. We listen to the seminars and take back slivers of solutions that might fit our complex part of the world, frustrated when the ideas fail to work.

Are you happy with what you learn?

Control Towers, Network Optimization, Event Tracking, Postponement, Regional Execution – different management concepts reflect the complexity of orchestrating business transactions between companies. Understanding complexity creates knowledge. Even when an idea fails, we learn.

Do you like failing?

We come to conferences to have conversations, to develop relationships with colleagues. But do you have real conversations with your peers? Do you create relationships with your colleagues when you come to these conferences? Company rules, fear, and social anxiety are reasons for not having conversations. The pace of the conference, the busy schedule, and the size of the events all conspire to reduce the quality of interactions.

Will you have a quality conversation about a business problem at this conference?

It is so easy to fall into the rut of barking up the wrong tree when managing supply chains. Each supply chain has different links, different providers, different suppliers, different environments to overcome. When things go wrong, we go back to the usual suspects, look up a familiar tree and bark. Sometimes the bark works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Tired of barking?

We know it is a complex world. We work to make it as simple as it needs to be. Clients come to us when they tire of barking up the wrong tree. They come to us to help them figure out their complexity and to learn how to simplify.

How about a conversation?

If you don’t meet anyone at the conference who’s ready for a conversation, call me, because I always am. I’m David Schneider, and you can reach me at (877) 674-7495. Or shoot us a message at

If you aren’t ready to have a conversation and want to learn more about how we make the complex simple enough, click on this link to see how we help make our clients’ lives simpler.

Let’s quit barking and do something together.

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