Sometimes the Delivery
Is What Grabs Your Customer's Attention

It is just an ad for just a cell phone—sure, a cell phone that looks like it is clad in wood—but the delivery of the message pulls you in and makes the memory. What feeling do you have about the art of delivering the work of art? How do you feel about this phone?

It is just an ad about a phone, but think of the logistics effort, the construction effort, the design, and the planning. Getting the materials to construct the structure that holds what must be the world's longest xylophone, created by award-winning director of Drill Inc., Morihiro Harano. The planning and the logistics—think of it.

Now think of what your customers will think of your next delivery. Will they sit back and go, "wow"? Or will they go, "big deal"? The ad is just about a phone, but you are impressed with the phone because of the ad. How can you make your delivery of the right product, at the right time, with the right documents, in the right condition, at the right price, be "wow" to your customers? How can you make your effort to create perfect orders into a work of art?

I wonder how many takes they did for this shoot.  Here is the behind the scenes video.

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