Ever See a Locomotive
Get Painted?

Norfolk Southern placed a one-of-a-kind "Veterans Locomotive" into freight service on its system to honor people who served in the military and reserves, especially those employed by the railroad. Painting the Veterans Locomotive involved 26 NS employees, two of whom are veterans, using 66 gallons of primer and paint over a 112-hour period.

Over the past six years, Norfolk Southern has hired some 1,300 veterans, and today 14 percent of the total NS workforce -- more than 4,200 employees -- are veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserves. More information about working at Norfolk Southern can be found at NorfolkSouthern-veterans.jobs.

Ever wondered how a locomotive is painted? Check out this time lapse video of the Juniata Paint Shop in Altoona, Pa., and how they worked their magic to create the Veterans Locomotive.

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