Without people, business does not exist.

I look at all of the people involved in an enterprise as labor.  I don’t look at it as a division of management and labor – all of the people in an enterprise must be able to lift and carry their share of the work.  Some of us literally pick up and put down stuff.  Others pick up and put down heavy thinking.  In some form or another, all of us labor at what we do.

It’s called work, right?

While some of us lead, we all follow.  Everybody at some point in time is a follower.  Even the foremost leaders follow something bigger than themselves.  Politicians who can’t lead, follow what the electorate pols tell them to do.  Many great leaders look upwards to a higher power for guidance and direction.  I would bet the Pope has a continuous conversation going with his leader.

In this section, we share stories about the people in enterprise – people who are contributing the labor needed to making the business move. Some articles offer simple, straightforward advice on how to support the labor force. 

One challenge, for example, will be how labor adapts to increasing automation and robotics. What new forms of education will address the changing needs of industry such as this? How can current educational programs help? There may be disruptions, but we can use examples to help illustrate what works and what doesn't. Where do we find examples of long term success?

Attracting the right labor is a leadership skill.  Great leaders attract labor that have the skills to do the job, labor with the behavior to be happy with the job, and labor with the ability to fit into the organization's culture.  How well do you understand the macro and micro labor issues?  What can you do to make them better?    

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Articles in This Series

Articles in This Series


Where Are You Going to Find Qualified Warehouse Workers?

OK, there are plenty of applications flowing into the inbox. People are looking for jobs, but are the applicants qualified? Do they know how to drive a reach truck? Do they understand what a cycle count is? Could they do a “blind tally”? How many of the applicants you’ve looked at in the last month were really qualified for a position in your distribution center?    Read More

Where Will All the Workers Come From?

I bet when you were in high school you had a burning ambition to be a warehouse manager. No? I know, you wanted to be a logistics coordinator. No? Oh I have it, you wanted to be a forklift driver in a big warehouse. That isn't right either, huh?   Read More

Outside Sales People and the Supreme Court

That was the question before the Supreme Court in the October 2011 term case Christopher et al. v. Smithkline Beecham. In its June 18, 2012 decision, a 5–4 divided Supreme Court upheld the pharmaceutical industry’s decades-old practice of exempting outside sales reps from overtime pay.   Read More

Are You an Asset or a Resource?

I don't know how many times I've heard companies refer to their employees as their most important asset. I've seen CEOs quoted saying it in business magazines. I've seen it on the web sites of many businesses, usually on their "careers" page. I've heard managers say it.     Read More

Using LinkedIn to Search for Employment

Although you may hear that job hunting has changed, it really has not. The tactics and the tools may have changed, but the core strategy hasn’t. Think back to the fundamental truths of employment:    Read More

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