OPERATIONS – How Much Can We Improve?

by Mike Starling

Gut-check time.

OK, here is where the rubber meets the road. In the Transportation Plan Design phase you have identified your Transportation Operational and Financial weaknesses and evaluated how addressing these weaknesses will pay true dividends if you stick to the plan. You have an overarching Transportation Strategy in place, and you understand why you need to align your transportation goals and objectives with the company’s strategic goals and objectives. You know what Transportation must accomplish in order to achieve success. So how much can you actually improve?

How much you actually improve is totally dependent upon your commitment to making it happen within the time frame allotted.

If your objective is only TACTICAL improvement, then our focus should be 110% on making the change or implementing the new program or process. Whether it is conducting a mode-focused competitive bid to reduce freight expense while improving service performance capability or upgrading from spreadsheet tracking and analysis by installing that new transportation software system, you must understand that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

If your objective is more STRATEGIC in nature, then you must delegate to subordinates while focusing on oversight, assessment, measurement, direction, and guidance. Micro-management is not an option. Proactive Management is better than Reactive Management. Coaching motivates subordinates better than blunt direction without explanations. Quantitative measurement and open, effective communication drive motivation toward clearly identified and prominently posted goals.

Caution:  do not underestimate the importance of accomplishing improvement within a targeted timeframe!

Be brutally honest with yourself! Do you have the right resources, assets, education, and experience to accomplish the improvements you are setting out to achieve?

If you are even a little unsure, then take action to bring in outside help.

Using a force multiplier is a viable option that can help you improve to whatever level of service performance you wish to achieve.

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