In the hierarchy of what we want to find on the internet, Wisdom is the top of the heap.  However, there is not much wisdom found in the internet.

It is our goal to deliver wisdom.  But first, you need knowledge.

In this section of We Are The Practitioners, we cover key topics that every skilled supply chain manager should know and practice.  This is the place to come and learn, to think, to engage.  Our work each day is to create more content of value.  Come back often to see what we have that is new, what is old, and what is evolving. 

Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.
Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Book of Proverbs, Chapter 4, Verses 5 & 7


What is Analysis? 

Do you think?

If you think, then you perform analysis.  You analyze things, situations, people, data, information, all sorts of things to make decisions.  Analysis is a form of thinking, a detailed examination of something so that you can understand it.  Analysis is a fundamental part of thinking.

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The Art of Analysis

Facility Design

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How Do I Optimize Facility Design? 


The single most important design factor in a warehouse location system is the operator. The system should be easy to learn and the operator should have an instant reaction to the location appearing on the screen. It may seem insignificant for a single task, but even fractions of a second can add up to hours in a week, given the thousands of tasks that are performed in that time.

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Inventory Control

Inventory Control Tactics 

Coming soon!


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Inventory Management

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Multi-Variable Mayhem 

The trouble with managing inventory 

is the many variables that affect stock levels. This balancing act is hard to do because there are so many different variables that influence decisions:

  • Demand Fluctuations
  • Supply Fluctuations
  • Inventory Policy
  • Working Capital
  • Manager’s Intelligence
  • Monitoring & Management Systems

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Behaviors for Success

Leadership is an activity, not a subject.

Leadership is something you do. Building a strong organization; developing a consistent and successful routine; communicating with clarity of purpose; maintaining high standards; keeping a capable and loyal support staff. These are all active tasks and responsibilities

Leadership is oft touted as a lofty, ethereal quality: either you have it or you don't--spoken of in reverenced prophecies like a journey of epic measure to be undertaken by the chosen.
But an action is not illusive or mysterious, it is simple and executable. And just like the action of a simple step out the door to begin that journey, the actions of leadership are simple, executable, and very accessible...with diligence and discipline.
Looking at successful leaders in the supply chain and logistics community today, and at legendary historic figures such as Winston Churchill--who successfully navigated what is arguably one of the most difficult leadership positions ever held--we see that they all exhibit the same key behaviors and practices in their path to success.

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The Art of Analysis

Project Management

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Project Management

Sod's Law?

Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong

Sod’s law: If something can go wrong, it will, at the worst possible time.

Diligent project managers, create The Plan, define The Budget, and work to get the Right People on the project. Following that process, they engage the team to look for the failures—the probable, possible, and remote opportunities for failure to happen. Effective project managers are not afraid of failure; they work hard to control the impact failure has on the project.  

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