The Race

by Eliyahu M. Goldratt & Robert E. Fox

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The Race

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The Race is about our standard of living and how we can increase it. Today, we are facing a real threat in the Western World that the opposite will happen.
This companion book to Eli Goldratt and Jeff Cox's underground bestseller, The Goal, is helping reverse the situation.
These two books have given rise to Goal Circles and Race Circles--excellent first steps in beginning a process of ongoing improvement.
The graphics and accompanying text reveal the implications that stem from the shop floor to our standard of living. The Race allows you to derive a superior system, Drum-Buffer-Rope, for generating logistical improvement. It also shows you how to focus these improvements so they are optimal and not just local. The epilogue and appendix quizzes will give the thoughtful reader insight in how to initiate and extend a process of ongoing improvement into other areas-like marketing and financial control.

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