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Doing the Epic Split

A while ago,  before the whole world got on the viral bandwagon, I watched Jean-Claude Van Damme perform his Epic Split, standing on the rear view mirrors of two Volvo European issue FH series trucks. By now, just about every blogger and columnist has weighed in on the story – mostly just to gush about how cool the video of the one take stunt is.

You probably saw the actual video – but I don’t think you saw this one, the teaser where they are discussing the stunt beforehand. I think the best line is when Jean-Claude says “We’re going to drive forward…of course.”

Yeah, it is cool.  The "muscles from Brussels" pulled off a tough stunt.  Yet, in my humble opinion, it is not as cool as Faith Dickie’s slack line stunt, walking a slack line between two Volvo trucks, moving at 30+ MPH on a closed highway in Croatia.  Faith has to cross between the trucks – on about 25 meters of line, over bridges and the center median, before the trucks enter a pair of tunnels.  If she does not make it across the line before the tunnels, well, splat is the word that comes to mind.


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