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Welcome to a place where you can drink up on practical supply chain, leadership and business knowledge.  There is over 500 articles here, written by practitioners for practitioners, that pull back the cover on supply chain management and illustrate things that you will not learn in school, things that you could learn on the job, after making mistakes and getting your butt kicked by the reality of business.  Spending time here  is an investment in building your knowledge.  Come join our ba, a place of trust where you develop your knowledge.

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Aged in Wood

Published in 1984, the hardback book Aged in Wood is a history of the company, Payless Cashways, Inc.  Written byVirginia Sugg Furrow, the wife of Vernon Furrow, one of the founders of the company, the book highlights the early history of the company, leading up to 1984.  The exact print run is unknown, but our editors believe the company printed 10,000 copies, if that many.  Copies of the book are hard to find, and pristine examples a treasure.

What you find here is an electronic transcription of the book.  While it does carry a copyright, dated 1984, the company, which held the copyright is no longer in business, so we are republishing the material here for access by former employees, historians and anybody else that has an interest in the history of this Midwestern Lumber Company.     

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