Published in 1984, the hardback book Aged in Wood is a history of the company, Payless Cashways, Inc.  Written by Virginia Sugg Furrow, the wife of Vernon Furrow, one of the founders of the company, the book highlights the early history of the company, leading up to 1984.  The exact print run is unknown, but our editors believe the company printed 10,000 copies, if that many.  Copies of the book are hard to find, and pristine examples a treasure.

What you find here is an electronic transcription of the book.  While it does carry a copyright, dated 1984, the company, which held the copyright is no longer in business, so we are republishing the material here for access by former employees, historians and anybody else that has an interest in the history of this Midwestern Lumber Company. 

Over the years we have collected some other historical accounts of the company, which will appear as we develop them from their current condition into web pages.  We are also conducting interviews with past employees to create an oral history of the company.  Those interviews will appear here as they develop.  If you are interested in contributing to the oral history, or contributing other Payless materials for reproduction here, please contact our publisher.

Book Pages

The book published and distributed in 1985 - long before the first personal computers appeared in the Corporate office at 2 Pershing Square in Kansas City, Missouri.  Like many corporate history books, Aged in Wood was a limited press run and not sold in stores.  Copies mainly went to employees, friends of the company, and a few to local university libraries.  Produced before desktop publishing, the oversized book coffee table book with square pages does not translate to the modern web site styles of today.  In reproducing the book here, we looked at converting all of the images and text into HTML friendly web pages.  However, we reconsidered that because of the layout of the physical book itself.  So here we reproduce the book in high resolution full page images so that the reader can get the look and feel of the physical book.  The author, Virginia Suggs Furrow, autographed the title page of this copy, lent to us for reproduction by Roger Rand, a former store manager.


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Furrow Family Album

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