Where have we been?

by David Schneider | Nov 30, 2016

I must admit, we have not been keeping house here at the Practitioners.

It is my fault.  Yep, I am the one to blame.

2015 proved to be a busy year as I worked with a client to create a new distribution facility in Las Vegas.  They engaged me in April to work on a different project, while they signed a lease for a facility in May.  I quickly shifted focus to Las Vegas and worked with the management team of the existing facility to develop the design concepts for the new facility.  In June they took possession of the space, and demolition immediately started  to clear out 20 year old offices and demising walls.  Working with the client’s small team, we finalized the layouts, developed the office layouts with the architect, contracted the general contractor to build the offices, ran the RFP for the racks and automated storage equipment, and then program managed the project.  Construction started in late July.  Installation started right after that.  The client moved in and started operations in mid-November.

As much as I intended on writing material for this site, my intentions failed to overcome the reality of 12 – 14 hour days.  So we reached into the deep library of articles and recycled material.  When your article library is over 1,200 articles deep, you can do that, for a while.

This year I went about changing things.  We grew, in both staff and space.  In June we moved into a new facility, 2,400 sf of flex space that gives us a nice office, a nice video production space, a classroom, a mini distribution center (complete with a modest WMS platform), and a “skunk works” with work benches and soon to arrive CNC machines for prototype manufacturing.  The new facility in Manassas, Virginia is our center of excellence

Meanwhile, in the background I am a contributing writer to the next release of the MHI Material Handling and Logistics Roadmap project.  I am developing the curriculum for a number of warehouse management, inventory control and facility design classes that we will teach here in the Manassas facility, with a classroom in front and an operating lab in the back (call it a warehouse mullet).   On top of all of that excitement we are creating, under the direction of our Production Manager Piper Hillman educational videos and vlogs that will start appearing late in December.

Over the next few weeks that are changes happening here at We Are The Practitioners too.  The developers are repairing damage that happened when we had to change hosting sites two years ago.  Things looked like they worked right, but no – the email system did not work and people could not post comments.  That is getting fixed, along with changes to support video content and much more.  Development ends on December 20, and we will start making layout changes after that.  Search gets an upgrade, as does all of the broken links.

For all of you that contacted me in the past year wondering what was happening, thank you. 

Get ready, things are going to start changing, real fast.  


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