Piper Hillman – Production Manager

Piper acquired her first knowledge and skills of the Audio/Visual industry during her school years, where she had jobs on various local event crews. While working events from music festivals to political and keynote events, she developed a specialty as an audio producer and foley artist.  This specialty resulted in a number of diverse jobs in both live and studio capacities, from recording studio producer to chief audio technician of the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra park programs.

Very early on she noticed that creatively fulfilled technicians working in a respectful, friendly environment regularly produced far above the typically expected quality of work, as opposed to those focused on the aesthetic properties of the production to the detriment of all else.  Realizing that selecting and training trustworthy and reliable workers saved countless hours of time and effort, she formed a loose company of professionals–in deportment as well as skill–which morphed into a private network that she uses today.

Piper took a break from free-lance production for a few years to work for her alma mater as interim Technical Director of the Theatre Dept. While there, in addition to the technical support and design, she developed and improved programs to teach college students technical skills in audio, video, and team management at a professional level. Productions that had struggled in the past to recruit even the barest personnel necessary suddenly had to waitlist eager students even for volunteer positions. 

In addition to curriculum related programs, Piper worked with the Arts Program Chair and Dean of Academics to create an extracurricular program in film production. Designed to train students with industry skills while on the set of a full-length film production, the first iteration proved to be a success. In that first program, Piper discovered she didn’t have the resources to teach inexperienced workers alone. She therefore began to coach students who had significant prior experience and skill to train “apprentices” during the course of each production. The programs, never longer than two weeks, succeeded in producing students with skills comparable to that of an entry level professional. 

Impressed with the mission of integrity and improvement of logistical systems, Piper works for David K Schneider & Co. as Production Manager, where she takes care of the design, editing and presentation of video productions and media related web content. Piper performs market and educational research supporting web content and client projects.  She also maintains and updates the production studio and equipment, and manages production of training materials and other media related needs for client projects.