Nico Scopelliti – Analysis Associate

As an expert in bridging the gap between technology and human performance, Nico began his career as a teenager when he developed a business intelligence and key performance indicator tool designed for salesmen and executive recruiters.  The service employs not only databases and advanced spreadsheets, but personal relationships developed via email and telephone to provide accountability and real-time performance analysis, enabling business owners to better train their employees and make informed keep-or-fire decisions.

Nico further demonstrated his mastery of the human/technology relationship when he contracted to develop a transformational sales and marketing strategy for a consulting firm that serves small business. The 21-year-old firm built its client base purely through cold calling and word-of-mouth referrals.  Nico leveraged social media, email marketing and built a web presence for the firm that attracts highly-qualified and interested prospects and ushered the company into the 21st-century.

In 2010, David K. Schneider & Co. hired Nico to

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PO Box 901, Blue Bell, PA 19422 - 1920 West Marshall Street, Suite 2B, Jeffersonville, PA 19403


PO Box 901, Blue Bell, PA 19422 - 1920 West Marshall Street, Suite 2B, Jeffersonville, PA 19403


develop its marketing presence and train its deeply experienced supply chain and logistics practitioners in the soft art of sales. By employing unique branding and messaging, Nico’s creative work, in the form of print and online advertising, show booth banners, hand out materials, etc., always gains notice and attention. In an expanding role, Nico supports data analysis functions in the firm. 

By far, Nico’s best strength is a deeply-rooted understanding of people. He recognizes that companies, albeit entities unto themselves, are made up of individuals. Each person has experienced his or her own unique set of past failures and successes. Everyone faces his or her own unique set of threats and opportunities. Each of us struggles with problems that demand solutions today. Nico constantly strives to understand and thereby serve each individual on this basis.

Nico lived 5 years in Mexico where he developed an S-4 proficiency level in Spanish while managing 14 people in a small, family-owned business. He travels yearly to visit family in Southern Italy where he has taken up studies of Italian and the Calabrian dialect. As a deeply frustrated but still hopeful pianist, Nico surmounts the never-ending challenges the instrument presents.