David K Schneider –President – Principal

DKS Headshot WEB - SEP 16To understand David’s career, you must begin with his grandfather, Sam Post, who helped develop Modern Economic Order Points and Inventory Planning. During World War II, Sam Post’s teams developed this science to serve the needs of the Allied Forces for the invasion of Normandy.  Few realize that D-day’s success or failure depended utterly on the integrity of its logistics, and the science necessary simply did not yet exist.  So David’s grandfather helped create it.

Following in this legacy, David’s breadth of experience and success record as a Logistician is unparalleled.  His logistics career started at Payless Cashways, a building materials and home improvement retailer.  Tracking his success at Payless follows his positions, he was promoted five times over five years. He participated in and led a wide variety of distribution, engineering, and operations research and business strategy projects including the construction and start-up of two 500K+ sq ft automated distribution centers, 18 lumber reload centers and over 60 network analysis projects.

Far more importantly, the true foundation David mastered in his time at Payless is the extraordinary ability to increase the velocity of the physical supply chain while postponing the moment of purchase commitment.  Working in service to Payless CFO Steve Lightstone and its Chairman David Stanley during the chaotic days of a leveraged buy-out, David used the keys to logistics mastery with obsessive attention to operating cash flow.  Mastering the window of commitment – the time extending from the first moment when you might order until the very last moment where an order can still meet your needs – learning how to stretch out that last moment and postponing the inventory commitment, the corporation attained a significant transformation of cash flow.

From 1986 through 1991, David designed and led the development of over 30 different performance measurement and optimization systems.  As part of the development team that built a pick slot optimization tool, David led the deployment and slotting activities in seven distribution centers at Payless.  Two of the projects sites stocked over 28,000 SKUs, while the rest of the fleet stocked over 10,000 SKUs per DC.  He trained over a dozen users to use the systems and conducted multiple slotting audits of the facilities. 

Following his tenure at Payless Cashways, David served as Project Engineer and then Project Manager at James R Keogh and Associates, a professional engineering firm.  Involved in over 50 client engagements, David served in the lead role of over 35 distribution network projects.  The clients he served crossed all industries, ranging from clothing brands to auto parts retailers to insurance companies.  Additionally, he served as a project engineer or project manager in the design and implementation of eight distribution center projects. 

Five years later, David joined The Pep Boys, first as Director of Engineering and then Director of Global Logistics. The role he played there as a cross-functional leader and visionary strategist brought millions of dollars to the bottom line.   He served as the Program Manager for the design and construction of four major distribution center projects, and several retrofit projects.  His last DC project at Pep Boys was the 600,000 square foot facility at San Bernardino, California.  As Director of Logistics, David engineered over $4MM of transportation savings in his first year, carving over $100MM from annual freight spend in his seven years in position.  David’s ongoing transformation led to continuous savings increases throughout the distribution operations.  He managed the implementation of the Slot-Info warehouse slotting application into all five Pep Boys distribution centers, driving over $2.2 million in annual savings from higher levels of productivity in both the distribution centers and the stores.

At the end of 2007, his entrepreneurial drive led David to found David K. Schneider & Company to provide cash-generating optimization strategies and build immensely profitable supply chain solutions for companies in the retail, consumer products, and manufacturing space.

Over 30 years David led supply chain improvement projects that supported 25x growth rates; implemented, selected and designed over 20 supply chain management systems; led over 100 corporate strategy projects that created over $10B in cash; and designed, specified, and project managed 36 DC implementations.

David is a member in good standing of a wide variety of professional logistics, warehousing and material handling organizations, including the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), the Warehouse Research and Education Council (WERC) and the Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants (APMHC). A popular speaker and stimulating teacher, David has, too much acclaim, presented at multiple professional organization events including the annual WERC and CSCMP conferences.