Who Are The Practitioners?

We are a collection of actual Supply Chain and Logistics Managers, Engineers and Consultants that have decades of experience in the trenches making supply chains happen. All of our editors and writers possess actual domain knowledge of the subjects they write about, and they bring forth the thinking and experience of practitioners that are in the trenches today, experts in their specific area. Our authors and creators also write about Supply Chain Management in the premier trade and business press, speak at industry events and lead live workshops at professional conferences.

David K Schneider

Force Multiplier @ David K Schneider & Company
  • Executive Editor - We Are The Practitioners
  • 28+ Years of Supply Chain Management Leadership
  • 10+ years Consulting
  • 19+ Years Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • BSC - Industrial Management - Missouri State University
  • Vice President & Member - The Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants

James "Mike" Starling

Director of Research - David K Schneider & Company
  • 45+Years of Logistics Management Leadership
  • 20+ Years - US Army Logistics
  • 23 Years Private Sector Logistics Management
  • 5+ years Logistics Consulting
  • Principal - David K Schneider & Company

Nico Scopelliti

Managing Editor - We Are The Practitioners
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • 8+ Years Small Business Consulting
  • Sales & Marketing - David K Schneider & Company
  • S-4 proficiency in Spanish

Don Benson - PE

The Warehouse Coach
  • Systems Thinker
  • 15+ Years of Distribution Management Leadership
  • 29+ Years Distribution, Logistics and Systems Consulting Leadership
  • BSE - Industrial Engineering - Arizona State University
  • Past President & Current Member - The Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants

Pasquale Scopelliti - The Consigliori

Professional Executive Recruiting Performance Consultant
  • 30+ Years Consulting to Executive Recruiting Leaders 
  • Writer, Student, Teacher
  • Damn good with a Broadsword

Joe Paris

Founder & Chairman - Xonitek Group of Companies
  • Recognized Thought Leader in Operational Excellence
  • International Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Mentor
  • Advisory Board Member - Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Advisory Board Member - Birmingham University

Sharmi Philip Duncan

Brewery Operations Manager - of Cold Storage Brewery
  • 13+ Years Operations Management
  • 2+ Years Supply Chain Consulting
  • From Floor to Boardroom Presence

Dr. Edward Knab

President at Productivity Constructs, Inc.
  • 30+ Years of Operations & Supply Chain Leadership
  • Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's World-Wide Business School
    specializing in the area of Organizational Leadership
  • Past President & Current Member - The Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants

Shawna Tyler - PMP

Senior Manufacturing Engineer at BAE Systems
  • 10+ Years Manufacturing and Distribution Engineering
  • Horror Fiction Author (Published) 
  • BS - Textiles Engineering - Philadelphia University

Johnny Dollar

Private Logistics Investigator with an Action Packed Expense Report
  • Follows the Money
  • Working since 1946 - Timeless and Ageless
  • Can find who and what is taking cash from the business

Rodney Rants

Get's no respect Logistics Manager
  • The voice of the hidden manager
  • Says the things you want to be able to say
  • Good friends with a guy who channels Sam Kinison

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